Why use Lenders Single Interest?

Why use LSI (Lenders Single Interest)?

Eliminates tracking and force placing within consumer loan portfolios (Auto, Watercraft, RV, ATV, Aircraft, Jet Ski, etc.).

LSI Benefits per our clients:

  • No more maintaining or outsourcing insurance tracking on loans.
  • Reduces borrower irritation, no more phone calls or letters asking why their insurance has lapsed.
  • No more force placing insurance, helps drive down delinquency and charge offs as much as 20%.
  • Significant manpower saved.
  • No more chasing down false alarms (Ex. The borrower switched insurance providers but didn’t notify the lender).
  • Only monthly reporting is the number of loans originated, no additional borrower information reported (Submitted via online LSI Platform).

Apply Online (link to http://lendersrisk.com/index.php/apply-online/lenders-single-interest-lsivsi/)