That Was Easy! New Web Portal Streamlines Hazard Insurance

You know that calculator sitting on your desk? The one you use to manually calculate hazard insurance rates? We’ve got good news for you – you don’t need it anymore!

How about applications? Do you dread filling out an individual form each time you need to schedule hazard insurance on a Force Placed or REO property? Good news again – with Lenders Risk’s easy-to-use Web platform, you won’t need to!

It truly is amazing how technology can speed up and streamline processes – including those related to hazard insurance and your real estate portfolio.

By incorporating Lenders Risk’s easy-to-use Web portal for hazard insurance, you will free up time and save money.

For example, instead of filling out individual applications for each property, you will only have to enter the address, the amount of coverage you’re seeking and when you want coverage to be effective. Your rates will be already underwritten into the platform and you will be able to print out a certificate right then and there.

Additional benefits of our hazard insurance include:

Easily searchable data and extractable Excel sheets with all properties scheduled
Ability to schedule coverage 24/7
Printable property, liability and flood certificates on demand
Monthly or annual billing options
Cost estimator to get a quick idea of pricing before scheduling a property

Ready to see how simple it is to use? Watch this quick video demo.

Hazard Platform Demo

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