Richard Kaser

Richard M. (Rick) Kaser

Towson, MD

Rick began his financial institution insurance career in 1985 when he joined the staff of Stan Funderburg and Associates (SFA), an Oklahoma City, OK-located subsidiary of The Central National Insurance Group. While at SFA Rick served as Vice President of Sales, providing financial institutions with specialty risk management insurance products. In 1986 Rick formed Kaser-Funderburg Agency (KFA), which specialized in loan-related, fee- income based products for financial institutions. Matterhorn Bank Programs (MBP)® later acquired KFA, and Rick subsequently relocated from Oklahoma City to Baltimore, MD in 1996 to become President of Matterhorn®. In 1999, following his tenure at Matterhorn®, Rick moved on to form Lenders Risk Management, Inc., located in Towson, MD, where he continues his duties as President & CEO.