Trey Kaser

Trey Kaser (Richard M. Kaser III) has been familiar with the financial institution insurance industry since his early years, beginning with his father’s and grandfather’s ownership of Oklahoma-based agencies which specialized in loan-related insurance products and services. Trey remembers accompanying his grandfather on bank and credit union sales calls when he was just 5 years… Read more »

David Franklin

David has been in the computer industry for over 30 years. His experience includes a variety of roles from systems analyst, to programmer, to technical support, to small business owner, to educational labs consultant, to dealer network manager, and much more. David has written mission-critical applications for a variety of both large and small businesses,… Read more »

Jeanne Aldridge

Jeanne began her career in the financial institution insurance industry in 1985 as a Claims Adjuster and Underwriting Assistant for Lenders Single Interest and Dealer Floor Plan insurance products at National Installment Insurance Services (NIIS), and has over 20 years of Claims Management experience. After NIIS was sold in 2001, Jeanne joined Rick Kaser at… Read more »

Nima Seirafipour

Nima has over 7 years of experience in the accounting and finance industry. He began his career in public accounting in 2006 while interning for the large regional firm Clifton Gunderson, which later became Clifton Larson Allen. Following his 2007 graduation from Towson University with his BS in Accounting, Nima began working full time in… Read more »

Gary D. Lund

Gary has over 40 years of experience in the loan-related and specialty insurance industry. He began his career in the Underwriting and Regulatory Compliance areas of The Central National Insurance Group in Omaha, NE. Gary has since held a number of management and executive positions in operations, administration and marketing with both insurance companies and… Read more »

Richard Kaser

Rick began his financial institution insurance career in 1985 when he joined the staff of Stan Funderburg and Associates (SFA), an Oklahoma City, OK-located subsidiary of The Central National Insurance Group. While at SFA Rick served as Vice President of Sales, providing financial institutions with specialty risk management insurance products. In 1986 Rick formed Kaser-Funderburg… Read more »