Snow Worries When You Use Our LSI Blanket Insurance

Snow Worries When You Use Our LSI Blanket Insurance

If there’s one thing folks in Maryland and Washington D.C. might have been wishing for this January as they were pummeled with 30 inches of snow, it’s a snowmobile! Imagine being able to freely traverse through snow covered streets without the burden of shoveling to get to the store, the office or just to escape the cabin fever.

Feeling free from burden is certainly valuable. Which is why, if you’re a financial institution or lender providing consumer loans for things like automobiles, jet skis, snowmobiles or boats, you might be interested in Lenders Risk’s LSI (Lenders Single Interest) program. LSI is blanket insurance that protects the lender from any uninsured risk within their loan portfolio.

So what’s that got to do with feeling free?

LSI eliminates the need to track or force place insurance. With traditional collateral protection programs you may be obligated to track hundreds or thousands of loans, while mailing and calling borrowers who let their insurance lapse. That’s just as time consuming as all those hours you spent shoveling snow!

Our product frees you from the burden of that busy work. No more tracking. No more worrying about responding to an insurance lapse and tracking down borrowers. No more making sure you have enough man power in place to do all that tracking. All the lender is required to do is report the number of loans made in a month…and that’s it!

Furthermore, our LSI product features a web platform where you can sign in and enter any claims as well as report your number of loans per month. Our claims wizard enables you to see every step of the process. Lenders say they love our platform because it’s easy to use and available 24/7.

So relax. Put down your loan tracking snow shovel and cozy up to our blanket insurance.

It truly is the best way to save on man power, improve efficiency and manage your risk. Give us a call at 888-600-4436.