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AD&D “Thank You Program”

AD&D insurance provides a lump sum payment if death or dismemberment is the direct result of an accident. If the insured has both life and AD&D insurance and dies as the result of an accident, both coverages are paid to designated beneficiaries. An employee enrolled in AD&D insurance who becomes dismembered as a result of an accident will be paid according to the schedule of indemnities listed in the plan document. The employee is the beneficiary for any dependent claims. AD&D coverage does not require proof of good health, and can be added or dropped at any time. AD&D insurance has no cash value.

Involuntary Unemployment "IUI"

IUI is a credit insurance product that will reimburse the financial institution a monthly payment in the event an insured customer becomes involuntarily unemployed during the period of coverage.

IUI provides payment protection in the event of:

  • Individual or mass layoff
  • Customer’s loan payment will be made while they are out of work
  • Cost is not related to occupation
  • Helps protect customer’s credit rating
  • Pays benefits directly to the lender
  • There are no age restrictions

Hospital Accident Insurance "HAP"

Hospital Accident Protection (HAP) was created to protect individuals and families in the event that they are sent to the hospital as the result of an accident. HAP benefits are paid in cash directly to the individual bank or CU member, or family of them. Hospital Accident Protection is a supplement above and beyond regular health insurance. HAP protects members if they’re hospitalized for a covered accident by paying:

  • Emergency Room Visit
  • Hospital Confinement
  • Intensive Care Confinement
  • Accidental Death

Checking Club Accounts

In today’s environment, many lenders are turning to a bundled services approach to provide their checking account customers a complete solution to their needs. Lenders Risk has the ability to provide the appropriate lifestyle benefits and insurance products to satisfy your customers.

  • Savings Programs
  • Discount Health and Pharmacy
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • AD&D