How we got started

The principals of Lenders Risk, long-time friends Rick Kaser and Gary Lund, have spent their entire careers working for insurers, agencies and managing general agencies in the financial institution insurance industry; Rick beginning in 1985 and Gary in 1971. Their focus has since their early days in the industry been on insurance products, and services, which protect the lender’s interest in loan collateral, and which reduce the administrative burdens and costs of servicing loans.

Rick established Lenders Risk Management in Towson, MD in 1999, and in 2011 market events and conditions presented the opportunity for Rick and Gary to pool their experience, expertise and relationships to form Lenders Risk Services. Both agencies today operate under the Lenders Risk label with shared management and staff.

Rick and Gary have deep roots and strong values from their Midwestern upbringing, with honesty, integrity and transparency among those they emphasize in their relationships with their insurer, agent and financial institution clients.

Lenders Risk continuously invests in their staff and technology to build a culture and infrastructure which combine to provide an outstanding customer service experience their clients should expect and deserve. Lenders Risk has longstanding relationships with “Superior” and “Excellent”-rated insurers in both the domestic and London markets, and currently provides its products and services to over 150 financial institution clients across the country.