Cyber Risk Management

Advances in technology have opened doors and created so many opportunities for financial institutions to thrive, succeed, and grow. With these advances, however, those doors are also opening wide for hackers to step in and wreak havoc and for security breaches to occur. It has become more than a full-time job to keep up with the evolving technology and policy regulations that are necessary to protect your organization and your clients from these breaches.

Lender’s Risk continues to partner with the best in class to provide you with the latest coverage and information to keep your business protected if a cyber attack or breach in security occurs. And in the financial world, this is more important than ever. Because we understand that everyone’s requirements are different, we provide tailored solutions so that you can pick and choose the coverage that works best for your specific needs. Our unique modular approach allows flexibility to suit your unique organization, from coverage to training and education, to crisis management assistance.

Security breaches can occur for a variety reasons ranging from technological glitches and internal network interruptions, to cyber attacks, to policy and regulation changes. The losses and damage that can happen are not just limited to legal expenses but extend to public relations expenses and loss of brand value, expenses due to network interruption, and so much more. Take a glimpse at some of our coverage modules to get a feel for the types of cutting edge cyber liability solutions we offer:

  • Coverage if private or confidential information has been exposed resulting in legal liability
  • Coverage for company losses and rectification expenses resulting in a security breach or network interruption
  • Coverage for expenses incurred in public relations or reputational damage resulting in loss of brand value following a network event or security breach
  • Coverage to pay for extortion threats, loss of money from electronic scams or phishing
  • Coverage from electronic theft, computer fraud and telecommunications fraud

These are just a few examples of the coverage we can provide to your organization.

Lender’s Risk can explain our offerings in more detail and help you identify your specific potential risks so that you can choose the coverage that is right for you. Please call 888-600-4436 to discuss your options.