Enjoy Smooth Sailing with our Marine Single Interest Insurance

A boat ride on a sunny summer day? Yes, please!

Who doesn’t enjoy the breeze rifling through your hair as you lean back and listen to the water
lap against the sides of the boat? You can just feel the stress melt away!

While boating with friends or family can be a great time, nature and any assortment of accidents can spell disaster for watercraft. Whether it’s lightning wreaking havoc on a boat’s electrical system, a marina fire in which a boat is a casualty or accidental collision with a pier, any number of factors can lead to loss.

As a current or potential marine lender, you’re well aware of the importance of fully protecting your collateral, whether it be a basic fishing boat or a high-end vessel. While our Lenders Risk Single Interest Insurance (LSI) typically covers boat trailers and smaller boats, our Marine Single Interest Insurance is perfect for larger or higher-end watercraft.Specialty marine lenders’ portfolios can be exposed to significant loss as a result of an uninsured or underinsured boat.

Our product is one of few on the market that can adequately protect lenders. Our Marine Program is simple to use and Lenders Risk will handle the tracking of all your boat loans. You’ll simply send us your monthly loan details and we will handle the

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