Monthly Archives: October 2018

Fall Insurance Planning Budgets

Fall is here and many of you are in budget planning mode for the upcoming year. While some things have remained constant this past year, it may be beneficial to take note of what has changed as you consider your insurance budget plans going forward. The most logical place to start is your current portfolio…. Read more »

Gap Performance from an Underwriter’s Perspective

With the ever-changing and ever-growing factors that are taken into consideration when calculating fair and profitable rates, underwriters do not have an easy job these days. Underwriting gap insurance seems to change on a daily basis, and factors that never existed in past years are starting to lead the pack when determining accurate rates. Performance… Read more »

Increasing Cost and Size of Vehicles

From super-sized meals at the drive-thru to the cars on the road, super-sized everything has been and continues to be the trend. Whether it’s a status symbol or the feeling of getting more for your money, “bigger is better” seems to be the mentality these days. But is bigger always better? Some vehicles are getting… Read more »