Monthly Archives: July 2016

Simplify and Streamline with LSI: Pros and Cons of CPI vs. LSI

If you conduct a Google search on “Simplifying Your Life,” how many results do you think appear? The answer is more than 8 million. From “The Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life” to “12 Secrets to Simplifying Your Life and Lightening Your Load,” there are millions of articles on how to make… Read more »

Case Study: A Credit Union Transitions to LSI Coverage

We spoke with a manager in the asset management department of an East Coast credit union that is over 1B in assets, that recently switched from Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) to Blanket Lenders Single Interest (LSI) coverage. What challenge or problem were you experiencing prior to the purchase of LSI Coverage? With our former CPI… Read more »

Commonly Asked Questions about Blanket LSI Coverage

As Lending Institutions explore our “LSI” (Lenders Single Interest) Blanket Insurance program, they often have questions such as, “Is it really that simple?” or “Does it matter what size our institution is?” or “What type of implementation is involved” To help you as you research LSI, we put together a list of commonly asked questions… Read more »