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Case Study: How Purchasing MP3 (Blanket Mortgage Impairment) Coverage Helped a New-York-based Lending Institution

Challenge: A New-York based lender was challenged with manually tracking more than 2,000 insurance policies year-round, sending out cancellation and non-payment of premium notices, force placing insurance and constantly sending out borrower reminders. Since this particular lender also owns an insurance agency, they had to force place insurance with other providers because regulatory pressures made… Read more »

How will Mortgage Impairment Insurance Benefit Me?

There are several benefits to procuring mortgage impairment blanket insurance. With Lenders Risk’s comprehensive MP-3 coverage, you will be able to do the following: Protect your entire mortgage portfolio With MP-3 coverage you will protect your exposure when a borrower fails to meet his or her insurance obligations or in the event of processing errors… Read more »